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Why Hire a Builder/Contractor?

If you watch HGTV or any of those Home Improvement shows on TV, you may wonder “Why should I hire a contractor?” Well, here are a few reasons why you should hire licensed builder……


1. Warranty. Do you want the option of being able to call someone if anything goes wrong during or after the construction? With us, you can feel at ease to know that L.G.K Building Inc. will be there whatever the issue, whenever it might occur and do whatever it takes to remedy the situation.


2. Communication barrier. Like any profession, the building industry has its own vocabulary, communication method and process. Unless you are knowledgeable of the field, understand the construction process and what the specific project involves, you will be in over your head. We know who to and how to and when to communicate with the various subcontractors, vendors, distributors and city officials. We will take care of all this for you.


3. Major time-commitment. There are a lot of behind-the-scenes organization, paperwork and phone calls that need to be made before and during a project. If you are unfamiliar with the construction industry, managing the project will become your full-time job and there will be a steep learning curve. If you are already employed, it will be very difficult to do both jobs well. Passing on these duties will simplify your life and allow you to go about your normal life.


4. Headaches. In theory, scheduling and project coordination sound like relatively easy tasks, but not so. There are many trades that need to be involved in a moderately-sized project, and they all need to be scheduled, timed, organized, synchronized and managed. Inspectors and subcontractors go on vacation or may be unavailable at a desired time. Frustrations occur when materials get back-ordered, discontinued, shipped incorrectly, arrive damaged or incomplete, have special handling requirements or need to be picked-up. This is what we are here for, let us organize the subcontractors to you can rest easy.


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