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Just like any other space in the house, the kitchen also deserves an ‘uplift’ to look every bit as eclectic and sophisticated as the other rooms in your home. Below are the top four kitchen remodels that have gained popularity. 

1. The Open Space Design

One of the most popular ideas that encompass Kitchen Remodeling in Long Beach is the casual open floor plan. The adjacent space connected to the kitchen tends to be either a dining room or living room, and gives an overall wide and airy feel. The open space design is also ideal for hosting large gatherings or even small-time family events.

 2. Dark Furnishing Trims

 Indulging in custom cabinets will often enhance your Kitchen Remodel in Santa Monica. Despite the jaw-staggering costs, it’s undeniable that having kitchen furnishings with dark trims gives your home a timeless appeal. If the perfect urban palette is thrown into the mix, cabinets with dark trims not only give a luxurious air to your kitchen, but exude a warm and exotic feel as well.

 3. Backsplashes

 Backsplashes can be squeezed into any angle in your kitchen – over the sink, behind the stove; you name it, it has it covered. Some kitchen remodelers fancy glass sheets to create the illusion of airiness. Others adopt a more practical front and use ceramic tile, which is easily cleaned and has high durability. If you wish to bypass both options, then you can give a granite or quartz backsplash a try. You could even pick out patterns or designs that complement your countertops to give a unified approach when guests venture into your kitchen.

 4. The Lighting Design

 Energy saving has become the epitome of most American household living. Energy-efficient lighting for example, has become the number one priority in remodeling certain aspects of a house, especially the kitchen. There are three crucial things to consider if you’re going after the lighting design during your kitchen remodeling: ambience, task and accent. Remember to consider various lighting options that not only improve the overall aesthetics, but also lets natural sunlight to filter in. Ambience is essential for hosting a romantic meal or even engaging in informal entertainment. By controlling the dimming options in your kitchen lights, you can even accomplish certain tasks whilst saving electricity. Accents are based upon the kitchen décor as a whole. Installing a chandelier above your island might throw in a sense of elegance and luxury.

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