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How It Is Done


Step 1

Initial Consultation

We meet with you to get a complete understanding of your project, vision and goals.

  • Scope of work is determined
  • Ballpark budget is discussed
  • Style and materials are discussed

Step 2

Partner Plan

We meet to review an initial plan, budget and our Partner Plan, which outlines what you can expect throughout the our process.

  • Preliminary scope of project and budget presented and reviewed
  • Partner Plan agreement is signed

Step 3

Preliminary Design and Budget Development

This is where we explore design options with regular feedback and refinements until you are completely satisfied.

  • Comprehensive site survey of your home
  • Product selections are made at our Idea and Selection Center
  • 3D review of design options 
  • Design and budget refined based on your input

Step 4

Final Design and Budget Review

This is where we finalize your project drawings, selections and budget.

  • Minor refinements are made to design
  • Start and completion dates are set
  • Construction Contract is signed

Step 5

Pre-Planning Process

This is the stage where all the behind-the-scenes preparation takes place.

  • Detailed job schedule set
  • Materials ordered
  • Labor and sub contractors coordinated
  • Building permits obtained

Step 6

Pre-Construction Meeting

You’ll be introduced to your Lead Carpenter and Production Manager, an you’ll receive your copy of the detailed job schedule.

Daily start and stop times, communication protocols, key client dates (vacations, etc.), lockbox arrangements…an entire list of pre-construction items discussed.

Step 7


Your project begins on the scheduled start-date.

  • Your on-site Lead Carpenter keeps you informed
  • Routine site visits from Production Manager keep your job on schedule
  • Professional and conscientious Foster crew keeps disruption to a minimum

Step 8


Work is completed on time, and on budget.

  • Final walk through with Builder
  • Warranty binder presented
  • Necessary adjustments are made for complete client satisfaction

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