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The term “Green Building” or “Sustainable Building” is used to describe the process of designing buildings and their features to use products and methods that save energy, reduce greenhouse and volatile chemical gases and create healthier more productive work and living spaces. One way to “green” a building would be to use products such as carpet made from recycled plastic bottles and paints that off gas less chemicals both of these solutions can improve indoor air quality and reduce the waste stream. Why should I go green? Another method might be to “deconstruct” an old structure by recycling the glass, steel and concrete into other products rather than demolishing it and using up valuable landfill space with the debris.

Building “green” also means building better longer wearing buildings using more durable building methods that reduce repair cost, and the amount of energy, resources and waste disposal required over the life of the structure.  Studies show that over the long run “green” buildings have lower operating costs.

We are emerging as a green builder. Green building consists of using echo-friendly construction methods and materials, recycling or reusing as many resources as possible, emphasizing sustainable living, and focusing on efficiency. Our goal with this transition is to give our customers a healthy and efficient living and/or working space, lower their operating costs, support regional businesses, and to preserve our natural resources.   

Why should I go green?

Green building provides a wealth of benefits for any type of commercial or residential construction. Beyond protecting the environment, green building delivers improved indoor air quality, lower energy bills, increased comfort, and a healthier home or office.
Why live among materials, products, and systems that have poisonous metals, minerals, and gases? These create breeding grounds for biological organisms harmful to our health. Instead, go with green products – they’re healthier and safer.

You can make your home and work spaces more comfortable by better insulating your structure, using higher performance doors and windows, installing more efficient heating equipment, utilizing more natural ventilation, and making better use of natural lighting.

You can save money even before the groundwork begins. Collaborate with your team – the architect, engineer, contractor, interior designer, landscape architect – to see how you can incorporate sustainable features into the structure. Doing so can reduce the cost of the project.

With the arrival of each sunrise, you automatically gain a source of clean and cost-effective energy. Harness the sun’s energy to bring in health enhancing natural lighting, and to reduce energy bills.

Great for Your Grandchildren, You’re Community, and the Entire Planet

Green building nurtures the environment locally and globally, for today and well into the future. You use less energy, water, and resources in both the construction and operation of your building. Plus, you keep demolition and construction waste out of our landfills.

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